Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame, which is overseen by the Fairfield County Sports Commission, Inc., honors newly elected Hall of Famers with an induction ceremony at the Commission’s annual Sports Night awards dinner. There are three wings in the Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame: the Jackie Robinson professional wing, the James O’Rourke amateur wing and the J. Walter Kennedy community service wing. 

Chelsea Cohen
Fitness Academy

The Chelsea Cohen Fitness Academy is a unique, countywide umbrella program overseen by the Fairfield County Sports Commission. The Academy’s focus on the healthy body, health mind equation provides leadership in helping to build a generation of children leading a daily, active lifestyle.

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Expert Article of the Month

“No Pain, No Gain” – Beneficial or Detrimental?

Aris Barbadimos, MD. MS, FAAPMR

In the world of sport and fitness, the expression or motto “no pain, no gain” is frequently used to encourage athletes to push harder, even if it means enduring pain, in order to achieve quality in their sport or profession. Without a doubt, the culture of physical fitness is built on sacrifice and self-discipline, but we must also be cautious, especially with young athletes, to use common sense when pain or injury occurs. Many young athletes are reluctant to discuss pain issues for fear of losing their chance to play, disappointing parents or coaches or even peer-pressure. In spite of pain, determination and toughness can persuade young athletes to persevere and avoid addressing an injury. It is important as adults to know what type of pain is beneficial and what type can be detrimental. Playing through pain can lead to other complications in a child or young adult’s athletic career if not properly diagnosed and treated.

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