This section provides:

  • An assortment of information and advice on living an active, healthy lifestyle, which the Sports Commission promotes throughout the county.
  • Through the Commission’s vast resources, including its working relationship with Stamford Hospital, access to a wide variety of area experts in the health, wellness, medical, fitness and nutrition worlds to offer tips, articles and suggested web sites to learn more about all facets of maintaining a daily healthy existence.
  • For youngsters and student/athletes, a focus on fun ways to balance the healthy body, healthy mind equation, as well as giving parents and coaches food for thought on best practices to combat the growing childhood obesity problem through increased physical activity.
  • Sport specific insight on how to train for your favorite physical activities and avoid injury.
  • A comprehensive resource of area training facilities and top quality individuals who are leaders in the fitness training community.
  • A host of other informative ways to enjoy life through sports and staying active.