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Our 20th Year Of Impacting County Youth

By March 7, 2024Archive, Uncategorized

As we enter the heart of 2024, we are celebrating our 20th year as a community leader in educating our youth on the benefits of living an active, healthy lifestyle and personal development through sports. With a new name in tow, we are even more focused on continuing our support for local youth organizations that provide our children and families with vital services.

We hope you all will stand with us as we make every effort to be sure that our next generation of youngsters are healthy, happy and prepared for wherever their life journeys may take them.

When we started this organization in 2005, we would have never dreamed we were going to be able to help so many in so many different ways.

$300,000 in financial support; $325,000 of in-kind donations; reaching over 90 youth organizations and thousands of young people.

Thanks to all those who helped us along the way. And please let us know how you can lend support as we are always in need of caring and generous county residents to keep us moving forward.

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